MU finds only irrigation helped dicamba injured soybeans recover

A three-year study finds only one recovery treatment works for dicamba injured soybeans. University of Missouri Weed scientist Kevin Bradley tells Brownfield Ag News they tested several recovery methods.

“Whether that be fungicide or foliar fertilizers or irrigation. We kind of threw the kitchen sink out there and tried everything that somebody might suggest or that we heard somebody suggest.”

He says only irrigation made a difference, “Weekly irrigation to a certain level, I think it was about an inch per week. Or if we got a rainfall event we didn’t irrigate. But, the bottom line is, pretty simple results in this case, that’s the only thing that made a difference.”

It was the only treatment that resulted in yields that were higher than the dicamba-injured control group.

But, Bradley says none of their recovery treatments increased yield back to the non-injured soybean control group.

Interview with Dr. Kevin Bradley ^^

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