Mysterious cow illness might be more than HPAI

A veterinarian with University of Missouri Extension says the mysterious illnesses being reported in dairy cows in Kansas and Texas could be more than Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.

Scott Poock tells Brownfield USDA says HPAI is part of the problem “or maybe it might be what tipped the cows over into the problem, but right now, they don’t believe this is the sole cause of the problem of the mysterious illnesses going on.”

And he says farmers should contact their local veterinarian if their cattle exhibit any of the following symptoms. “Decreased milk production, their appetite goes down, the rumen doesn’t work like it should, the milk becomes almost like colostrum and the manure of the cow tightens up, because the cows aren’t eating much.”

Poock says there are still no reports of the illness in the cow-calf sector or cattle feedlots.

The situation is evolving and the USDA, along with federal and state partners continue to share additional updates as soon as information becomes available.

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