NAMI says community measures crucial to slow the spread

The president of the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) says the increase in COVID-19 cases at meat plants, causing slowdowns and closures, reflects what is happening in communities. Julie Anna Potts says places like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where there is no statewide stay-at-home order are experiencing an explosion of cases, including more than 500 at the Smithfield plant there.

“So, if social distancing orders can be strictly enforced or in all of our communities, you know, it takes all of us doing our part – THAT’s what needs to happen.”

Potts says there is also more testing going on in those places where a growing number of COVID-19 cases are showing up in meat plants. A lot of workers at meat plants live in tight quarters.

She points out there are many meat plants with NO COVID cases that continue to operate and strict safety and prevention measures are in place across the board.

^^ Interview with Julie Anna Potts 4/16/20 ^^

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