NASCAR reaches 6 million miles on E15

This weekend the partnership with NASCAR racing series and American Ethanol will reach 6 million miles on E15 during the running of the 2014 Brickyard 400.

Racing legend Richard Childress, president of Richard Childress Racing, says E15 has been great.  “With us testing it, running over 6 million miles on this fuel and we know we can run all the way up to E-30, it’s going to be positive for NASCAR, it’s going to be positive for the country, and the consumer as well,” he says.

AUDIO: Richard Childress, Richard Childress Racing (:35mp3)

Tom Buis, president and CEO of Growth Energy says the partnership validates what a great field E-15 is.  “These guys wouldn’t be racing with it if it wasn’t,” he says.  “The same thing is for the consumer.  We now have 6 million miles in NASCAR; EPA and DOE tested 86 vehicles for 6 million miles.  We now have real-world experience of consumers buying E15 in the marketplace over 50 million miles without any problems.”

AUDIO: Tom Buis, Growth Energy (3:00mp3)

Ken Parrent, biofuels director for the Indiana Corn Marketing Council says the partnership between NASCAR and American Ethanol creates a huge demand for Indiana corn.  “We have 12 ethanol plants operating with 2 more about to come online,” he says.  “Combined they produce about 1 billion gallons of ethanol each year.  That contributes about $500 million to the state’s economy and supports 4,100 full-time jobs.”

AUDIO: Ken Parrent, Indiana Corn Marketing Council (1:30mp3)

The 2014 Brickyard 400 is this weekend in Indianapolis.


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