NASDA sets policy priorities for 2024

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture has set five policy priorities for 2024.

NASDA CEO Ted McKinney says the issues are 2024 Farm Bill, food safety, labor reform, pesticide regulation, and the chemical complex known as PFAS.

“It’s a fairly democratic process. Policy ideas, some are already in the books. They don’t change unless they get a submission, but it’s the members and only the members that submit policy items.”

With the farm bill, he tells Brownfield NASDA is focused more on the content than the timeline.

“We’re going to be looking very keenly, and we are, at funding for research. And that’s largely research to our universities. In some cases to departments of ag, but we’re not selfish about it. It’s largely universities.”

McKinney says NASDA is concerned other countries are surpassing the U.S. in dedication to ag research.

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