National 4-H Council CEO: Pandemic forces sale of National 4-H Center

The National 4-H Center, a 12-acre campus in Chevy Chase, Maryland is up for sale after 12 months of pandemic driven vacancy.

National 4-H Council President and CEO Jennifer Sirangelo tells Brownfield it was a difficult decision but paying expenses on it with no revenue through 2020 and 2021 is detrimental.

“It takes millions a year for us to just keep the center safe and closed, so sustaining that over what will now be two years and an uncertain future for group travel for young people became really unsustainable.”

She says it was a long process and in the end donors confirmed their money would be better spent on the impact of 4-H programs instead of keeping the facility itself.

“So, while our home is changing, we look forward to continuing to create those kinds of meaningful, life impacting experiences in Washington DC in the years to come.”

Sirangelo says the National 4-H Council will remain in the Washington DC area and funds from the sale will help continue their mission and provide scholarships for members to attend national events.

She says they are planning a virtual event for alumni and friends to celebrate and share memories at the campus that will serve as a way to preserve the center’s history and a lift-off point for future plans.

Interview with Jennifer Sirangelo
  • Unfortunate, another casualty from COVID, and the Federal government just spent 1.9 trillion dollars paying off their political donors!

  • Ms. Sirangelo is a Corp minded and carrier non-profit CEO making $450k a year. She blames COVID is the reason, yet while the general public has been laid off lost their income, she as collected a rather rich income that taps into an organization/ program that faces financial challenges.

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