National Ag Day is Tuesday, events planned across the country

Many in the ag industry are highlighting the role agriculture plays in protecting the land, water, and air.

Jenni Badding, National Ag Day Chair for the Agriculture Council of America, says ‘Growing a Climate for Tomorrow’ is the theme for this year’s National Ag Day events and farmers have been leading the charge when it comes to sustainability.

“There’s a growing world population and we need to be able to feed more people,” she said. “We aren’t gaining additional farm ground, so folks are having to do more with less. I think technology is one of those things that is going to help them achieve that.”

National Ag Day is March 19th and National Agriculture Week runs through March 24th.

Badding tells Brownfield numerous events are planned across the country and online. “We know not everyone can come to Washington D.C.,” Badding said, “so, we are holding a virtual event. There will be some updates from commodity groups, the outstanding farmer, winning essay contest videos, and there will be some tributes from various age day partners. It’s a really good way to kick off the day.”

People can join the celebrations on social media with the hashtag #AgDay24.

AUDIO: Jenni Badding – National Ag Day Chair for the Agriculture Council of America

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