National Corn Growers Association considers updates to base acres in farm bill

U.S. corn farmers are considering two base acre updates for the next farm bill at Corn Congress at the Commodity Classic.

South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s DaNita Murray says the mandatory base acre updates focus on the long-term programs in the farm safety net.

“What acres qualify for those programs? What crops on those acres qualify and what acres don’t qualify?”

She says South Dakota’s stance is simple.

“If you haven’t grown a program crop in awhile you shouldn’t be in these programs.”

Proposed policy changes include support for a voluntary base acre modification using planting history that allows farmers to establish a base, if without base, to add base if under based, or to add a new crop to existing base.

And the National Corn Growers Association is considering support for a nationwide mandatory base acre update every year determined by your planting from 6 to 15 years ago. The ten-year transition would include existing base acres and phase in actual production.

Missouri Corn’s Bradley Schad tells Brownfield “there’s a couple of different options that could change and we stand for what’s right for corn farmers. Right now, we like the policy as-is.”

There are two Corn Congress sessions scheduled for the Commodity Classic this week.

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