National Oilseed Processors critical of updated GREET model

The National Oilseed Processors Association is critical of updates to the criteria used to qualify for sustainable aviation fuel tax credits.

President Kailee Tkacz-Buller says while bundling conservation practices is well-intended, it will likely have unintended consequences.

“I’m looking at this from a soy angle on the no-till and cover crops, and it really does put certain farmers where they are at a disadvantage.”

She tells Brownfield the updated model also requires direct contracts between farmers and sustainable aviation fuel producers, cutting processors out of the process.

“We were really surprised by that, that was something that I candidly was not anticipating and I don’t think many of my members were at all. So that’s something that we need to educate, really how the farm supply chain works and that we are the processors in the middle between the farmer and the SAF producer.”

Tkacz-Buller says with the current 40B tax credit expiring at the end of the year, the association is hopeful the new 45Z credit will remedy these concerns.

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