NCBA applauds new dietary guidelines

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An official of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says they are “thrilled” with the updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) released by the federal government.

Danielle Beck says the guidelines continue to recognize the important role that lean meats play in a healthy lifestyle. And she says a new category aimed at young children is also positive for beef.

“The new recommendations are for birth to 24 (months), the first time the DGAs have ever provided dietary recommendations for that age range–and the B-24 recommendations really favor beef,” Beck says. “They recognize that animal-sourced foods, such as beef, are really a fundamental food for healthy growth in the early years.”

Beck says the guidelines committee stayed away from controversial and unrelated issues, such as the sustainability of animal agriculture.

“Environmental sustainability really does not play an appropriate role and it’s well outside the scope of statute that Congress intended back when the DGAs were first authorized,” she says. “So we were really grateful to see this process play out the way that it did—really sticking to the facts behind a high-quality dietary intake and pattern.”

The dietary guidelines, which are updated every five years, serve as the foundation for federal nutrition policy and shape the recommendations found on USDA’s MyPlate. 

AUDIO: Danielle Beck

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