NCGA announces corn yield contest winners


It was a year for the record books; the National Corn Growers Association has announcing the 2015 Corn Yield Contest winners. The top yield was a record of just over 532 bushels per acre from David Hula of Charles City, Virginia.  His entry was in the No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated category.

The second-highest yield was over 486 bushels from Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, Georgia in the Irrigated category.

There were a record five national entries over 400 bushels. There were more than 7,700 entries in the contest this year.

The top three national winners by category:

A: A Non-Irrigated

1 Michelle Dowdy Valdosta GA DEKALB DKC62-08 348.9838

2 Sam Santini Stewartsville NJ DEKALB DKC64-87RIB 332.1733

3 Mike Scholting Louisville NE Pioneer P1257AM™ 329.6426

B: AA Non-Irrigated

1 Lance Neff Marshall MO Pioneer P2089AM™ 386.7491

2 Kevin Kalb Dubois IN DEKALB DKC65-71RIB 331.4693

3 Mike Kaufman Dysart IA Pioneer P1498AM™ 328.6876

C: A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated

1 Jill Justice Beckley WV DEKALB DKC62-08 368.7785

2 Jay Justice Beckley WV DEKALB DKC62-08 360.3225

3 Matt Kludt Kendall NY DEKALB DKC52-84RIB322.9722

D: AA No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated

1 Jeannie Linneweber Vincennes IN Pioneer P1257AM™ 318.9243

2 Tim, Dan & Joe Durick Council Bluffs IA Pioneer P2089AM™ 317.7469

3 Robert Little Hebron IN Pioneer P1197AM™ 302.5995

E: No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated

1 David Hula Charles City VA Pioneer P1197AM™ 532.0271

2 Craig Hula Charles City VA DEKALB DKC64-89RIB485.3696

3 Kevin Dowdy Valdosta GA Pioneer P1794 VYHR^481.0820

I: Irrigated

1 Randy Dowdy Valdosta GA AgriGold A6499 SS/RIB486.1594

2 Bridget Dowdy Valdosta GA DEKALB DKC62-08 477.0767

3 Dustin Dowdy Valdosta GA AgriGold A6659 444.6112

State winners can be found here:


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