NCGA, EDF team up to improve environment and on-farm profitability

The Environmental Defense Fund and National Corn Growers Association are teaming up to incentivize farmers to implement conservation practices to improve the environment AND their bottom line.

Suzy Friedman is the senior director of agricultural sustainability at the Environmental Defense Fund.

“If we’re going to take conservation to scale and have sustainability be a business norm- it needs to be economically beneficial for farmers…it’s common sense,” she says. “They need to make a living and our food system and landscape really depends on them being able to be economically successful.”

She tells Brownfield the two groups will focus on water quality, soil health, and resilience to extreme weather through data and measurement, policy, on-farm engagement, finance, and outreach and communications.

“So how can we make it easier on farmers to track performance and really look at voluntary-based policy opportunities that can create a more enabling environment and then how do we give farmers better access to tools and technology,” she says.

NCGA and EDF are calling it a first-of-its-kind partnership between an environmental organization and commodity crop association.

Audio: Suzy Friedman, Environmental Defense Fund

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