NDC pleased WHO pulls EAT-Lancet endorsement

The Global Chief Science Officer of the National Dairy Council praises the World Health Organization (WHO) for pulling its endorsement of the EAT-Lancet report. The report calls for a drastic reduction in consumption of meat and dairy.

Greg Miller says he was frustrated by the report as a scientist, “I felt like they really didn’t do a systematic review of the state of the science to come up with that dietary pattern that they recommended.”

Miller says it fell short of what’s needed for human nutrition, “It WAS nutritionally inadequate. It doesn’t deliver enough calcium. It doesn’t deliver enough iron or iodine or B12. And they got significant push back in traditional and social media as a result.”

Miller says the World Health Organization did the right thing by pulling its endorsement of the report by the EAT-Lancet Commission which claims the cutback in meat and dairy will save the planet and improve human health. He says consumers want sustainable food systems that deliver nutrition, which dairy does very well.

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