Nearly 300 Wisconsin LGM Dairy farmers qualify for MPP

Wisconsin’s FSA director Sandy Chalmers says about 300 Wisconsin dairy farmers signed up for LGM Dairy while nearly 56-hundred signed up for MPP in the last farm bill, but the new farm bill allows all to benefit from changes to MPP made last year. “Congress made improvements to MPP and I believe inadvertently locked those LGM producers out of MPP, so most LGM producers are getting a do-over here.”

And, Chalmers says FSA has reached out to the eligible LGM Dairy participants. “Those LGM producers should have heard from FSA already in the form of a postcard, and most counties, I would think, would be calling those producers also to set up an appointment.”

Chalmers says any LGM dairy producer that hasn’t heard from FSA should call their county office.

The replacement for MPP is the new Dairy Margin Protection insurance, which FSA plans to begin implementing with a launch later this month. 

FSA has also been given an April 12th deadline to compile farmer data so USDA can calculate refunds and credits of MPP premiums for producers.

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