Nebraska lawmakers disagree over mandate in E15 bill

Nebraska lawmakers are considering a bill that would transition the state’s E10 fuel supply to E15 and require retailers to offer the higher blend at half of the dispensers.

Omaha State Senator Megan Hunt opposes the bill due to a mandate that requires retailers to make E15 pumps available. “I don’t think that it’s worth it to put it on the backs of retailers at a cost to them when the ethanol industry is standing to gains so much from LB562, and the way government props up this industry.”

LB562 would create the E15 Access Standard Act and require fuel retailers beginning January 1, 2024, to offer the fuel from at least 50 percent of their dispensers, provide waivers for incompatible infrastructure and establish a grant to assist with upgrades.

Senator Mike Jacobsen of North Platte says the bill provides value-added opportunities for the state’s ag industry and helps drivers. “I don’t see this as a mandate as much as I see this as what it’s been intended to do – give consumers access to the product because you can’t buy what isn’t there.”

Debate on the bill is scheduled to resume on Tuesday when lawmakers return from the weekend.

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