Nebraska State Fair uses COVID-19 adjustment for livestock shows in 2021

The Nebraska State Fair is taking a scheduling lesson from the COVID-19-version of the fair for its livestock shows

Vice Chair of the state fair board Dawn Caldwell say youth shows bookended the event due to health concerns from COVID-19. “That led to a situation where 4-H and FFA chose to stay on separate weekends, a lot more space in the barns, a lot safter and a better experience doing it that way,” Caldwell says.

She tells Brownfield crews have less than 14 hours to transition from show to another. “We got pens cleaned in the sheep and goat barn and the swine barn,” Caldwell says. “New wood chips in and then the cattle barn cleaned and freshened those woodchips for those folks to come in at 10 o’clock Monday morning.”

Caldwell says 4-H exhibitors opened and FFA will close the state fair this weekend with open class exhibits in between. “They understand that those chips were used two times ahead of them, they may have to freshen on top of them and we try to do that as much as possible,” she says. “But just making sure those pens are clean because it’s bags of woodchips and having to sweep out, blowout all of the pens in the sheep and goat barn.  That’s a big task.”

The NSF runs through Labor Day. 

Dawn Caldwell, State Fair Board Vice CHair:

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