NEFB says states rights, EATS Act, Prop 12 are complicated trio

A policy specialist with Nebraska Farm Bureau says Proposition 12 is a rare instance when the organization takes a stance against states’ rights.

Jordan Dux tells Brownfield interstate commerce takes priority. “It’s a strange issue for us to be on the other side of taking trying to take that away, if you will, but I think ultimately, it’s too important. Food production is too important to have it dictated from one state.”

He says there’s concern that Prop 12 sets precedent for other products and the EATS Act, legislation that prevents states from creating their own production practices,  would prevent that. “Given how complex the food system is, that’s why we want to make sure that there is a larger solution, a federal solution, coming from this and not allowing other states and a simple majority of voters in one particular state trying to dictate food and production practices for the rest of the country.”

Dux says Nebraska Farm Bureau would like to see the EATS Act included in the 2023 Farm Bill because it’s a “must pass” legislation, but the new legislation could face pushback in the Senate.

Brownfield interviewed Dux at the 2023 Husker Harvest Days.

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