Nestle encouraging farmers to partake in carbon emission investments

Nestle’s sustainable sourcing lead says the company is working directly with farmers to cut emissions.

Daniel Peerless tells Brownfield it’s currently enlisting its suppliers to find ways the company can invest in hard infrastructure efforts to reduce their footprint and he encourages farmers to reach out on partnering opportunities.

“Eventually all or most products will be judged by their footprints so we’re kickstarting some of this progress right now by directly funding on-farm practices,” he explains.

Nestle plans to inject $1.3 billion in regenerative production practices over the next five years in an effort to cut emissions by half before the end of the decade and become net zero by 2050.

“I think the value of the product will be tied to some degree to the way it differentiates itself environmentally,” he says.  “I hope that a low carbon product will have a premium.”

Brownfield interviewed Peerless during the recent Professional Dairy Producers business conference.

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