New Biden tariffs don’t help U.S. food processors

A representative of the food processing industry says the Biden administration’s additional tariffs on certain steel and aluminum products will make a bad situation worse.

Jason Culotta with the Midwest Food Products Association tells Brownfield fruit and vegetable canners need relief from the tariffs, not additional tariffs. “In the case of much of our canned food, we have to pay tariff on our product and our foreign competitors whio are selling into the U.S. market are not paying tariff on their can. That ends up hurting the American producer.”

President Biden says tariffs on certain steel and aluminum products from China will jump 25% in 2024, and Culotta says that adds cost to U.S. processors and consumers in an already-tough market. “About 2% of the American steel purchased in a given year is tin plate, and of that, about 60% is imported, much of which comes from our allied countries, and we struggle with the tariffs that have been imposed by President Trump and largely retained by President Biden.

Which he says limits where processors can get the tin plate they need. 

Other stakeholders in the agriculture sector are also concerned about the new tariffs.

Culotta says his organization will continue to seek tariff relief from the Biden administration and Congress.

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