New NCGA leader will stay focused on key corn issues

The new CEO of the National Corn Growers Association says he will continue to focus on what’s important to producers.

Neil Caskey is taking over for retiring CEO Jon Doggett, and he tells Brownfield the top three industry issues haven’t changed. “They’ve had decree upon decree that potentially is going to make it hard to ship corn down to Mexico at some point in the future. We’re worried about that. We have a farm bill that is coming up this year, and of course, we’re always looking for new ways to sell higher blends of ethanol.”

And, Caskey is hopeful the U.S. Trade Representative can resolve the Mexican corn issues soon.

Caskey tells Brownfield Washington D.C. is very different now, and he’s still hoping to see the Next Generation Fuels Act introduced in Congress soon.  He says 44% of the House of Representatives members were not in office when the last farm bill was crafted. “We can’t just win the corn belt and expect positive results, and so we’re going to have to get really creative in how we reach out to some of these offices that might not know a lot about corn and we’ve got to help them get up to speed.”

Caskey is also excited about new and emerging corn opportunities like sustainable aviation fuel.

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