NFU hopes to see increased renewable fuel blending requirements

As the EPA finalizes its proposal for renewable fuel blending requirements, the National Farmers Union is hoping to see 2023 volumes increase.

Anne Steckel is senior advisor to the NFU.

“We certainly hope that this administration continues to increase the amount of renewable fuels that are used every year and so we’re working very closely with them,” she says. “(The EPA) is supposed to finalize the volumes for next year at the end of November. We’re really hoping that they continue to see the importance of growing the use of renewable fuels from a carbon reduction perspective and a value add to farmers into rural areas.”

She says increased use and production of ethanol, biodiesel, and renewable diesel would benefit farmers and consumers.

“We’re looking at ethanol going to zero carbon with different farming practices that are being explored right now and that’s really exciting for our farmers and the consumer having a low- or zero-carbon fuel is a great thing compared to regular gasoline, petroleum, or diesel,” she says. “From a carbon perspective, we see a lot of growth in that area and a lot potential and our farmers stand ready to meet whatever goals are put before them.”

The EPA is expected to release a RFS volume proposal for 2023 by Nov. 30.

Audio: Anne Steckel

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