NFU President: a divided Congress holds up farm bill progress

There hasn’t been much movement on a new farm bill and National Farmers Union President Rob Larew says it’s not what’s in the bill that’s holding things up.

“The current norm of divisiveness in Congress has seeped into our food and agriculture policy making process…the farm bill is being held hostage by a small faction of lawmakers obstructing bipartisan efforts and showing an unwillingness to compromise or seek middle ground.”

Rob Larew tells Brownfield there are many unanswered questions about the farm bill.

“Unfortunately, we’re in the time of the farm bill where it’s not just a question about what’s going to be in it, but will we actually get it done at all?”

As the wait continues, Farmers Union members will consider adjustments to farm bill policy during the delegate session, which begins this afternoon.

Brownfield is attending the National Farmers Union Convention this week.

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