NFU’s Larew explains farm bill priorities

Farmers Union delegates would like Congress to consider two key additions to the next farm bill.

Rob Larew tells Brownfield Farmers Union has been pushing for a competition title to provide a more level playing field for farmers with a working free-market system. “But unfortunately when you have ag companies or businesses get so large that they become monopolies or near-monopolies, that puts a real strain on the marketplace, ultimately hurts farmers, and certainly hurts consumers as well.”

And Larew says Farmers Union will ask Congress for a disaster program built into the farm bill to speed up relief when needed. “Farmers have really appreciated the help that they get, but when it’s ad hoc or when it comes so late in the game, you know, if you have survived it, you’re paying expenses from a couple of years ago. We need a plan in place that provides certainty.”

Larew says it’s important for the marketplace to function properly and maintain a safety net for producers in the farm bill. 

He says delegates also voted on other issues. “We’re generating a lot of energy and excitement out there as we see twenty states who have introduced and taken some action on right to repair, for example.”

The National Farmers Union convention wrapped up Tuesday in San Francisco.

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