Nitrogen inhibitors recommended while side dressing

An agronomist says farmers who have started side-dressing should include a nitrogen inhibitor.

Matt Fryer, with Koch Agronomic Services, tells Brownfield…

“We can lose a lot of nitrogen really fast.”  He says, “My rule of thumb is any surface applied urea containing nitrogen fertilizer needs a volatilization inhibitor on it. We should consider a nitrification inhibitor for any UAN that’s being applied as well.” 

He says an inhibitor helps keep the input in place for the crop, especially in wet springs, and makes sense economically.

“Our university data, year after year, shows us a lower rate of stabilized nitrogen when loss risks are present always out yields a higher untreated nitrogen rate,” he says.

Fryer says inhibitors are also environmentally beneficial, and some perform better than others in certain soil types and acidities, so farmers should consult with their agronomist. 

AUDIO: Matt Fryer – Koch Agronomic Services

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