Nitrogen management in less than ideal stands

An agronomist says farmers should closely evaluate their nitrogen plans when dealing with less than ideal corn stands.

Drew Beckman, with Beck’s Hybrids, tells Brownfield…

“If you’re planting at 34- or 35-thousand, maybe you’re coming out with a population around 30 or 28, something like that.”  He says, “With time of the year that we’re in, we’re not looking to go in and maybe do a full replant. We have found that you’re not really saving any money on bringing your total nitrogen rate down just due to that sporadic stand.” 

He says research has shown farmers should keep with their side-dress strategy.

“We’re still seeing out of our testing that you’re best to stick with your main plan.”  He says, “We’re not seeing that you’re saving any money by cutting that nitrogen rate down.” 

Beckman says last year was an example where keeping with full-season plans can pay off, as the dry spring turned into a record crop for many Midwest famers.

AUDIO: Drew Beckman – northwest Illinois field agronomist @ Beck’s Hybrids

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