No funding for new GIPSA rules

The House Appropriations Committee has approved the Fiscal Year 2012 funding bill for USDA and the Food and Drug Administration. The package does not fund the proposed changes to the Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) rules.

Supporters of the GIPSA rule say it is needed because too few packers control too much of the meat industry. Opponents say it would eliminate marketing agreements which reward producers for providing higher quality beef and pork.

  • Not funding the GIPSA rule will eliminate all the ranchers and feedlots that are not PACKER AND OR CORPORATE OWNED.It will be a sad future for America when this happens.

  • So this is what happened with MCOOL too. Meat packers didn’t want it, it was passed, and then the committee in the Senate that was in charge of funding balked under Senator Thad Cochrane of MS who was chair of that committee..

    This is all a way for Congress to get their bribe money.

    We have the best Congress that money can buy. Half of Congress needs to be put in jail and the other half needs to be put in jail because they have such unethical members in their party.

    They are not doing the nation’s business, they are doing their business of selling to the highest bidder..


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