No recent positive cases of H5N1 in KS or MO

While H5N1 continues to spread across several states there hasn’t been a recent positive case reported in Missouri or Kansas.

There haven’t been any reported cases of H5N1 or Influenza A in Missouri livestock so far this year. Ag Director Chris Chinn says she attributes that to two things: good biosecurity and “Missouri isn’t a state where we import a lot of our dairy heifers. In Missouri, we’ve always had the regulation in place where if you have a dairy heifer, you had to have a health certificate from a certified veterinarian and that’s still the case today.”

USDA says the last positive case for H5N1 in Kansas was confirmed in mid-April. Ag Secretary Mike Beam says there is a concern about a possible resurfacing of the virus in dairy cattle or other species. A federal order is still in effect in Kansas.

“If they’re lactating dairy cows, they need a certificate of veterinary inspection before they move intrastate. If they move interstate, they have to be tested.”

This week, Iowa and Minnesota have confirmed new cases of H5N1 in dairy cattle.

Brownfield interviewed Chinn and Beam at a Kansas City Agribusiness Council meeting this week.

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