Northern Wisconsin fieldwork slowed by rain

A dairy and crop farmer in northern Wisconsin is way behind on fieldwork thanks to rainy weather.

Ben Augustine from Sheldon says, “Some of the smaller operators are wrapped up, but anyone with decent acres? They’re struggling.” Augustine tells Brownfield he has only had a day and a half of good corn planting weather, and with about 400 acres done, he still has 11-hundred acres of corn to go.  And when it comes to soybeans, “I haven’t put a seed in the ground yet. There’s a lot of open fields around here yet.”

Augustine says starting today, the forecast calls for six dry days in a row which is the most so far this spring. “I don’t know, it might be a record so far this year, and six days won’t be enough to get everything planted for me.” Even though planting is going to be late, Augustine will focus first on harvesting first-crop hay for his dairy cows saying, “You have to be able to feed the girls first.”

Augustine has heavy clay soils that need to dry out before he can plant, and much of Wisconsin got another two inches of rain Tuesday night.

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