Now is the time to soil sample

An extension agronomist suggests this is a crucial time for soil sampling as farmers formulate fertility plans for the 2024 crop.

Rebecca Vittetoe with Iowa State University says growers are wondering about drought impact.

“Sometimes we’ll see where in dry years the potassium levels might be a little bit lower than we’d expect, or the pH might be lower. Thankfully that doesn’t have as much of an impact on the sulfur pH, which is what we use to determine how much lime to apply.”

She tells Brownfield recent rains should be beneficial in more ways than one.

“So ideally we’d wait until we get a rain that is going to get into that profile where we’re collecting that soil sample, so hopefully this rain we’re getting now will help to do that.”

Vittetoe reminds farmers planning to apply anhydrous or manure to wait until temperatures are cool enough to avoid leaching. 

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