NPPC disappointed with USDA COVID relief package

The National Pork Producers Council is disappointed with USDA’s COVID-19 relief package.

NPPC president A.V. Roth says the dollars the government is looking to pay out don’t come close to what’s needed to keep hog farms afloat.

“Something has to happen, (and) something is going to happen. The government is going to make a larger payment out to producers, they need to keep the processing plants open. Those are the two most important things (facing the industry).”

The southwest Wisconsin hog farmer tells Brownfield the direct payments, with caps of $125,000 per commodity, aren’t sufficient.  And without quick action to extend support, he says there will be pork industry consolidation.

“I have a barn full of hogs that need to go somewhere. I don’t know today whether I’m going to get rid of the pigs, let alone to be sitting here waiting to see if we’re going to get more dollars from the government.”

NPPC says industry economists conservatively estimate that hog farmers will lose $37 per hog marketed, or $5 billion collectively the remainder of the year.

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