NPPC: Full impact of Prop 12 will be felt in the fall

The Chief Legal Strategist with the National Pork Producers Council says the full impact of California’s Proposition 12 Law won’t be known until the late fall. 

Michael Formica tells Brownfield the grace period that was negotiated that allows pork products in the supply chain until the end of the year will help provide for a some-wheat smooth transition.

“We’re at the point now where maybe some of the fresh pork supplies are going to start to diminish, but there’s a lot of frozen product. A lot of stuff was snapped up and should be available for California.”

He says for producers to sell their product after the first of the year, they’ll need to be audited and certified. 

“They would give you a certification that you are Prop 12 compliant and then with that certification would carry along with your pigs and with their meat through the supply chain. It’s that certification that a retailer is going to need when they’re selling your product.”

But, Formica says, that will be an added cost for pork producers, which then could be passed onto processors before trickling down to the consumer. 

He spoke to Brownfield at the Nebraska Ag and Economic Development Summit.

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