Number of female farmers on the rise

An Illinois farmer says she thinks the number of female farmers will rise again in the 2022 census of agriculture.

Jill Vonder Haar is a full-time manager of Main Street Pastures in St. Rose, Illinois where they raise grain and livestock and sell meat and eggs locally.  

“It’s becoming more common to have females in the farm role and I think that goes across many professions. Women are taking a higher role in a lot of things.”

Vonder Haar says in some cases she believes women are more personable.

“We are making that connection every day with customers, telling them how their food is raised and showing them how we do it. So, I think the personal connection is strong for women.”

The number of female farm producers rose by 27% between the 2012 and 2017 census showing that 36% of farm producers are female and more than half of US farms have a female decision maker.

Interview with Jill Vonder Haar

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