Nutrient considerations when facing planting delays

An agronomist suggests farmers facing planting delays don’t have to sacrifice yield.

Tryston Beyrer with the Mosaic Company says delayed planting does influence total crop nutrient removal.

“But the one thing that many people don’t recognize is that when you look at nutrient demands from the crop, there are a couple scenarios that are especially responsive to crop nutrition. Specifically, phosphorous into plants for making sure that’s imported out there early.”

He tells Brownfield the later planting occurs, the more important nutrients like phosphorous become.

“Phosphorous can help hasten or decrease maturity, and when we find that you’re using fuller-season corn hybrids and you combine that with some later plantings, those crops tend to grow at a faster rate.”

Beyrer says faster-growing plants demand additional nutrients and the ability of the soil to supply those nutrients can be a limiting factor if fertilizer is not used.

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