Nutrient stewardship/Pollinator grants announced in Illinois

Funds are heading to county farm bureaus in Illinois to help farmers implement nutrient stewardship practices.

Raelynn Parmely with Illinois Farm Bureau tells Brownfield they’ve awarded 18 nutrient stewardship grants this year…

“This is really an excellent way to get all levels of Illinois Farm Bureau engaged in the nutrient loss reduction strategy.”  She says, “These projects are often developed by local county farm bureaus and farmers to address their own concerns locally.”

She says the funds will be used a variety of ways…

“Projects include things like cover crop plots, hosting field days, implementing other practices, supporting research, and many other things that again all contribute towards that nutrient loss reduction strategy,” she says.

Since 2015, IFB has awarded nearly $1.17 million for over 150 county Farm Bureau-led nutrient projects.

A link to a listing of the Field Days funded by the grants can be found HERE.

Pollinator projects getting a boost in Illinois

Funds are heading to local county farm bureaus in Illinois to help bolster pollinator habitat projects.

Raelynn Parmely with Illinois Farm Bureau says they’ve awarded nine pollinator conservation grants this year…

“We’ve got several counties that are hosting seed sales, for example, that are helping to get pollinator seed into the hands of community members so that they can start their own pollinator plots or habitat areas in their own backyards or on farm,” she says.

She tells Brownfield they’re also promoting pollinator education plots across the state…

“Including one at Highland Community College and a couple of other places across the state.”  She says, “We do a lot of education and outreach through this program as well. That will include things like Cook County working with Lincoln Park Zoo during pollinator week.”

National Pollinator Week is June 17th – 23rd, 2024.

This is the third year for the program, which was developed based on interest from farmers who wanted access to additional pollinator resources.  

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