NW IL farmer says crop thankfully off to good start

A northwest Illinois farmer says crops in his area are looking good. 

Jon Rosensteil, who chairs the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and farms in Stephenson County, tells Brownfield…

“We had a fairly early start to spring.”  He says, “We’re maybe five to ten days earlier than we normally would be. We were somewhat wet early but got the crop in and it’s all got a pretty good start. Stands are real good for the corn.”

But he says not every operation has been as fortunate.

“Where I’m sitting right now in Stephenson County, we’re in pretty good shape.”  He says, “To the south of us, they were wetter.  They had some struggles and I know there was even some corn that was put in in June. But between Route 20 and the Wisconsin state line, we’re in pretty good shape.”

He says current commodity prices mean farmers are going to need every bushel this year.

“The economics of it unfortunately of $4 and $4.50 corn is not terribly workable.”  He says, “It’s going to take some suffering somewhere I’m afraid to say to bring these prices up, or increase demand to whittle down that supply that’s what we need.”

Rosensteil says his area could use some rain to ease some of the heat stress on the crop.

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