Ohio Ag Census reveals major shifts in cow numbers

Ohio’s state statistician says cow inventories show significant changes in the 2022 Ag Census.

Ben Torrance tells Brownfield while the number of cattle and calves on Ohio farms decreased by five percent since 2017, cattle on feed increased 15 percent.

“The inventory showed an increase where we were at 202,725 head for ‘22 and we were at 176,893 in 2017,” he says.

The number of milk cows on Ohio farms declined by eight percent since the last census and the state lost 34 percent of farms milking cows.

“Ohio had 2,195 farms with milk cows in 2022, compared to 3,346 farms in 2017,” he says.

Farm losses were only reported for those with fewer than 200 milk cows in that category.

Torrance says Ohio’s total number of farms and farmland acreage dropped two percent.

Since 2017, the value of ag products sold in the state increased 65 percent, while government payments were down 61 percent. Farm-related income was up 17 percent, production expenses were up 43 percent, and net farm income increased 110 percent.

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