Ohio farmer says he’s preparing for uncertainty in 2022

From supply chain disruptions to product and machinery shortages, many farmers are facing an uphill battle in the coming year.

West-central Ohio farmer Bill Bayliss says the 2022 growing season could be more like the Wild West.  “Guys have traded in machinery and taken their used machinery in and are waiting on the new machinery to come and then the new machinery doesn’t show up,” he says.  “And then it’s planting or harvesting time.”

He tells Brownfield his son-in-law handles the purchasing for their operation and says he was proactive on purchasing inputs for the upcoming growing season.  “He’s got a lot of fertilizer, nitrogen already purchased and laid in,” he says.  “That gives us a little relief there compared to some of our neighbors who haven’t got that done yet.  And the prices are just going through the roof right now.”

But, Bayliss says the product isn’t in the barn yet.  “Although they’re supposed to be ordered and priced, we’re hearing a lot of stories about getting things shipped.”

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