Ohio farmers have one year to get fertilizer certification

fall fertilizer

Ohio farmers have less than a year to get certified in fertilizer application to be permitted to use fertilizer under Ohio law.

In 2014, Ohio passed the Agriculture Nutrients Certification law and Dr. Mary Ann Rose with Ohio State University says farmers need to be certified if they wish to use fertilizers on their fields.

“If they are fertilizing an agricultural commodity greater than 50 acres. There are some exceptions. For example this law does not cover manure application. It’s essentially N,P, and K guaranteed analysis fertilizer.” says Rose.

Dr. Rose says a few seminars will be held this fall throughout Ohio but the majority of the training sessions will be held over winter following Ohio harvest season. She tells Brownfield participants will learn best management practices when it comes to fertilizer applications.

“They’re going to learn about the importance of soil testing and make sure they know how much is in the soil so that they know how much to apply.” says Rose.

Dr. Rose says once farmers are certified, they will need to go through a re certification process every three years. More information about the process and a schedule of certification classes can be found online at

Audio: Dr. Mary Ann Rose, Program Director, Pesticide Safety Education, Ohio State University


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