Ohio Wine Month kickoff

Ohio Wine Month 2013 (3)_webThe Ohio Grape Industries Committee held an early kickoff to Ohio Wine Month Wednesday evening, May 22, at the Ohio Statehouse.

“This is an opportunity to just show that Ohio can compete with any other state, as far as our winemakers and the vintages we produce are concerned,” said Director of Agriculture Dave Daniels, on hand for the event to present Director Awards to Ohio Wineries.

The Director also shared with Brownfield the significance of the wine industry in Ohio.

“It employs about 4,100 Ohioans, we have over 200 wineries that produce over one million gallons of Ohio wine a year,” said Daniels. “It’s about $580 million worth of economic activity to this state, so it’s a very significant portion of agriculture in Ohio.”

June is Wine Month in Ohio, to learn more go here.

Audio: Dave Daniels, Director, Ohio Department of Agriculture (2:00 mp3)

  • Thanks to the Department of Ag and the Ohio Grape Industries committee for organizing a great kick off to the month that recognizes the ever growing grape and wine community in Ohio .. June begins the tourism season at our wineries, and a couple of decades ago, our industry was MOSTLY about tourism…but as the vineyard plantings have establihsed, as more and more consumers discover a new generation of wines and winemakers, our industry is making a much broader impact on the economic health of our state, especially in our rural areas: our industry is still very much about tourism for sure, but it is also about more than 4000 jobs, greenspace and farmland preservation, creating lovely viewsheds, enhancing the quality of our citizens’ lives, supporiing the locavore and locapour movements ….. and is a steler example of value added agriculture: a $500 ton of grapes, when bottled to sell for $!5 a bottle returns more than $10,000 to the winemaker making the conversion.

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