One of wettest winters on record helps ease Iowa drought

Drought is releasing its stranglehold on many Midwestern fields.

Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig says while there are still some moisture deficits in his state, particularly in the northwest.

“We have seen significant precipitation over the winter months. In fact, it ranks as one of the wettest winters in Iowa’s recent (history), 150 years or so, of weather records. So that’s good news.”

He tells Brownfield Iowa is introducing a drought plan this year.

“Something we didn’t have before, it allows us to really assess the situation (and) try to track it over time.”

Iowa’s Department of Agriculture and Department of Natural Resources are collaborating on the plan and officials say it’s designed to mitigate the effects of drought by planning for it, while helping the state manage the water it needs for human consumption, agricultural and industrial uses.

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