Organic crops in the bin for southwest Minnesota farmer

Harvest is done on an organic corn and soybean farm in southwest Minnesota.

Carolyn Olson of Cottonwood says they also grow small grains and calls this an interesting fall.

“By the time the soybeans and the corn are getting ready, then we’re already a third done with harvest (of small grains). But this year we missed out on a lot of rains that some of our friends had received, so our crops are all in the bin and it’s a pretty good feeling.”

Given the dry conditions, she tells Brownfield soybean yields were a pleasant surprise.

“And the small grains as well surprised us with yields and quality. The corn was a little different story.”

Olson, who serves as vice president of Minnesota Farm Bureau, says drought combined with a major heatwave during pollination hit corn hard this year.

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