Outstanding Farmers of America recognize young farmers

The Outstanding Farmers of America is trying to increase the number of young farmers by recognizing them nationally.

Ben Sowers is a dairy farmer from Maryland and a 2019 National Outstanding Young Farmer award winner. He tells Brownfield the program provides a network for young farmers to be a part of.

“It’s friendship, you know, and friendship understands… you understand each other,” Sowers said. “It helps you get through the day some days.”

Sowers says it’s good for young farmers to talk to each other and realize they share many of the same problems. He says the National Outstanding Young Farmer program recognizes all types and sizes of farms.

“When you look at our class here, you know, there’s people that are farming five, six, 7,000 acres; there’s people farming 15, and they’re all excellent farmers,” he said.

Nominations for the Outstanding Young Farmer awards are open until August 1st, applicants must be under 41 years old.

Ben Sowers Interview

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