Overreliance on EV’s generate power grid concerns

There are concerns a reliance on electric vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector could compromise the U.S. power grid.

Scott Richman with the Renewable Fuels Association says grids are already struggling and there’s increasing demand from data centers being used for artificial intelligence.

“You put on top of that the increased needs for electric vehicles, Southwest Research Institute estimates that’s about a 12 percent increase in electricity needs by 2035. It’s more than adding an additional state of California’s electricity needs.”

He suggests those pushing for EV mandates aren’t being practical.

“The overlay of EV power demand is going to be (a problem), and also just the addition of transmission lines, the state of the grid, and where that is. So that’s also something that has to be taken into consideration.”

Richman tells Brownfield a recent independent study found if automakers rely primarily on EV’s to meet EPA’s tailpipe standards and 17 states adopt California’s “zero emissions vehicle” mandate, biofuel consumption would fall 38 billion gallons and electricity consumption would jump 480 terawatt hours by 2035.

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