Pacelle: NCBA should ‘stay in its lane’

The head of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)—Wayne Pacelle—says the reason his group is supporting a lawsuit against the beef checkoff is because of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s  (NCBA) opposition to the so-called “egg bill” in Congress.

“We’re very upset that NCBA is lobbying against progress and science and animal welfare within the laying hen industry,” Pacelle says. “We don’t want to see diversion of checkoff funds to lobby against good programs like the one called for in the HSUS-UEP agreement.”

Reminded that there are firewalls in place to prevent checkoff funds from being used for lobbying by NCBA, Pacelle says, “if that’s the case, then we have no quarrels at HSUS—and I would think that NCBA doesn’t have much to be worried about.

“Again, we’re not a plaintiff or a co-signer—we’re concerned about the misuse of checkoff funds, especially for lobbying purposes.”

The egg bill establishes cage size standards for egg laying hens.  NCBA says it could open the door to similar federally-mandated housing restrictions on other farm animal species. 

Pacelle disagrees and adds…

“We hope that the cattle industry stays in its lane and doesn’t continue to subvert the work of the egg industry to adopt progressive reforms that are good for the industry and align it better with consumer attitudes.”

At its annual meeting in Kansas City last week, the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) announced a new partnership with HSUS, which includes HSUS’ support of OCM’s lawsuit against the beef checkoff.

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  • Disgusting at the not-so-veiled THREATS against the beef industry by the vegan head of the largest “animal rights” organization, dedicated to eliminating animal use insofar as society will allow.

  • Whiney-Wayne said “Again, we’re not a plaintiff or a co-signer—we’re concerned about the misuse of checkoff funds, especially for lobbying purposes.”
    That’s probably the most ridiculous statement he could have made since HSUS gives less than 1% of it’s annual multi millions to help ANY animal, while using the balance, 99+% for HUGE CEO salaries and pensions, with the biggest chunk going to LOBBYING !!! How they can continue to claim their non-profit status eludes me….the IRS is missing out on 10’s of millions they could collect just by checking into the HSUS illegal lobbying expenditures. This is a great site to learn more:
    If the link doesn’t post, it’s humanewatch dot org.

  • Pacelle said: “We don’t want to see diversion of checkoff funds to lobby against good programs like the one called for in the HSUS-UEP agreement.”

    Oh, you mean like H$U$ does? Pot, meet kettle…

  • Consumers are being warned that the price of bacon will rise significantly next year as European producers quit the industry ahead of new laws governing animal welfare. The predicted decline in the number of European producers comes while many of their counterparts in the UK industry, who account for 40% of all domestic bacon sales, are battling to stay in business. BPEX, the body that represents the interests of pig producers, said that similar animal welfare legislation, which came into force at the start of this year, has caused serious disruption with the price of eggs up 75% compared with a year ago. “In the past, the UK was 40% self-sufficient for pork and 60% came from elsewhere,” Davies said. “But that is no longer going to be the case. We could soon see pork being imported from South America or Thailand if British producers go out of business.” This is what Wayne Pacelle wants to have happen to our American Farmers by lying about the need for meat and pushing a vegan diet. In 1946 Gandhi declared: “The crores of India today get neither milk nor ghee nor butter, nor even buttermilk. No wonder that mortality figures are on the increase and there is a lack of energy in the people. It would appear as if man is really unable to sustain life without either meat or milk and milk products. Anyone who deceives people in this regard or countenances the fraud is an enemy of India.” These are strong words from a man who devoted most of his life to the search for a satisfactory vegetarian diet. But Gandhi’s experience is not unique in the field of nutrition. Many others have also gone through the experience of believing that man could thrive exclusively on plant foods, only to find in the end that animal products were necessary for sustaining life and good mental health. For without meat or meat products your brain loses the essential nutrient needed to keep it thinking rationally. Active VB12 and the essential amino acids that work in the human body are only found in meat or meat products. Plants only produce inactive VB12 which is totally useless in the human body.

  • So…. Pacelle has the audacity to say that the NCBA has no right to lobby using check-off funds-yet it is OK for the HSUS to use funds-donated by people deceived into thinking their donations were to be used for dog and cat shelters- to lobby for a communistic type violation of egg producers rights. I may not be the largest cattle producer, but I pay checkoff on several dozen head per year-and if it is needed to stop this pompous, arrogant , vile piece of trash from his continued attacks on us animal producers- I say take it and use it!!! And I would gladly donate more to stop this monster!!!!

  • Pacelle is fuming because the UEP-HSUS egg bill bombed big time on all fronts. His goal is to set the ethical standards for farmers and he didn’t get his way. How dare agriculture groups lobby against his rulemaking!! It is THEIR fault the law wasn’t passed and now they must be punished.

  • Excellent comments here. My question is if so many folks are on to what HSUS really is, why is it not common knowledge to our lawmakers and the general public? Why are our congressmen still under the false assumption that this faux- humane society is actually affiliated with local pet saving organizations? Folks, I honestly believe that there needs to be a HUGE push to educate the public about HSUS and it’s less than honest tactics and goals. Humanewatch is making good headway, but we need some serious push to educate John Q Public on all fronts – even going so far as to have local humane societies rebuke HSUS publicly.

    It floors me how many people are taken in by HSUS because of those sappy commercials. I would most definitely donate money toward a mainstream ad campaign highlighting what HSUS is really all about.

  • I hope the real “Circus” wins in Court and shuts your corrupt org. down and locks your *** up Wayne.. STOP tring to destroy rural living, this is our right to live the way we want to its called FREEDOM! We all are tired of it and we are starting to stick together!

  • What does H$U$ say is the historical legal basis and justification of H$U$’s asserted communal interest in other people’s private property agricultural products [to which ag producers have God-given fundamental rights] that H$U$ does not produce and has no connection to?

    That animals have human-like feelings of pain and suffer was discredited 360 years ago by Descartes, the father of modern philosophy. That was back when people also thought the earth was flat.

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