Parson applauds USDA and Bunge moves to Missouri

Missouri Governor Mike Parson says moving part of the USDA into Kansas City will be good for farmers and ranchers and good for the state, “For the first time in our state’s history – for the FIRST time, two divisions of the USDA are moving out of Washington, D.C., thank goodness, and they’re coming to the state of Missouri. How about that? (applause)”

At the Governor’s Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair, Parson said he’s also excited about the relocation of Bunge headquarters to St. Louis, “And what makes that one a little getter, they’re moving from New York to Missouri and I really like that part of it. (laughter)”

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt said at the Missouri Farm Bureau press conference at the fair the relocation of ERS and NIFA into the animal health corridor near eight of the best land grant universities in the country is the right thing to do, “Whether people move (from DC) or not, we’re in such a new era of research that, frankly, a lot of new blood in that research entity is going to be a good thing.”

Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst agreed, “I’ve never understood the assumption – but I’ve changed my mind – the assumption that all wisdom is Washington D.C. And I got to thinking about it and it clearly must be because none of it ever gets out. (laughter)”

Blunt says the USDA O-I-G report saying Congress should have approved the funding for the move to Kansas City is not an issue. The USDA reportedly has reduced the buyout payments for ERS/NIFA employees who have chosen not to move.

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