PDPW Business Conference offers farm management advice

Dairy producers are getting advice about their toughest management challenges.

Cassandra Strupp says the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin members let her know what issues and topics they wanted to discuss at this year’s business conference. “Everything from your environmental topics, especially with the initiative that’s rolling out of your farm and your footprint in our general session, which walks hand-in-hand with learning more about what that means for individual businesses as well as the greater good for the dairy industry.”

And, she says that includes learning more about carbon credits and what farms can do to capitalize on them. 

Strupp says the conference also gives farmers new perspectives on labor and recruiting. “We have topics with Michael Hoffman which are very geared towards your people and what do you do with that. We have another panel with out-of-industry folks talking about how they hire and how they attract people.”

The Professional Dairy Producers Business Conference is offering more than 50 business development sessions Wednesday and Thursday in Wisconsin Dells.

AUDIO: Cassandra Strupp discusses the Professional Dairy Producers conference with Brownfield’s Larry Lee.

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