Perdue testifies on need for Trump’s infrastructure plan

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says rural America is very dependent on infrastructure in this country, “Both the roads, the rail, the waterways of this country have contributed to our ability to deliver farmer-produced, rancher-produced products to the world in a very competitive fashion. And it’s very important that we continue to do that as well.”

Perdue is pleased President Trump’s infrastructure plan includes improving broadband, saying high speed internet is needed across the entire country, “Not only for the farmsteads and the rural towns but the fields of America – when you look at the technology that exists in Illinois over precision agriculture, for example.”

Perdue is one of five cabinet secretaries who testified in favor of President Trump’s infrastructure improvement plan today, before the Senate Commerce Committee. Chairman John Thune of South Dakota opened the hearing by saying this nation’s infrastructure needs are great, “In rural states, like South Dakota, millions of Americans lack access to reliable high-speed internet and aging transportation links between agricultural communities and global markets hurt our farmers and ranchers.”

Thune says it is the job of the Commerce Committee to make sure they get the infrastructure plan right before it goes to the Finance Committee to consider funding.

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