Pest emergence continues in Iowa crop fields

An extension agronomist says a variety of pests have been emerging during the growing season.

Meaghan Anderson with Iowa State University says she’s been monitoring True Armyworms. “Especially in some of these heavy cover crop fields,” she said. “I think those may be on their way out now.”

She tells Brownfield many farmers have been discovering a variety of white grub species. “So anything from the true white grubs that are a multi-year grub species in isolated fields. Those can be hugely problematic. They get really big and can do a lot of feeding on a corn plant. Also seeing a number of annual white grubs.”

Anderson says pests can cause significant yield issues. “That’s another part of why scouting is just so important so that we can stay ahead of these things.”

She recommends growers spray for pests throughout the growing season.

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