Plant protein demand up at foodservice

A new report says plant-based protein demand from foodservice outlets increased by 20 percent last year.

The market research company NPD Group says a quarter of U.S. consumers choose plant-based options on a regular basis as well as animal protein.

Consumers said they choose plant-based protein because they perceive it to be better for them or that it’s a “clean meat.”

A recent survey by Dairy Management found nearly half of consumers purchase both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives and more than two-thirds thought almond-based drinks have as much or more protein than dairy which Alan Bjerga tells Brownfield isn’t true and exemplifies the need for regulators to resolve labeling confusion.

“We need transparency and accuracy in labeling across the food environment.  This is just one front of the battle, but this is really something that all of agriculture needs to care about.”  

About 25 percent of consumers in a plant-based beverage survey weren’t sure if alternatives contained cow’s milk.

In the NPD survey, the West and Southern regions of the U.S. represented the largest areas demanding plant-based proteins and burgers made up the largest segment of products.

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