Planting advice to ensure uniformity

An extension corn agronomist considers uniform emergence the foundation for maximizing yield.

And Jeff Coulter with the University of Minnesota tells Brownfield uniformity has a lot to do with soil moisture.

“So we want to make sure that the soil is not too wet, otherwise we’re going to be creating clods or sidewall compaction, or even a compacted zone below the depth of tillage.”

For areas that are dry, he encourages growers to avoid practices that result in soil moisture being lost.

“Avoid unnecessary tillage passes, avoid tilling deeper than needed, preparing the seed beds close to planting, and potentially having rolling baskets on the pre-plant tillage implement to firm that soil and reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs.”

Coulter adds adequate soil temperature and proper planting depth to the list of strategies to ensure a successful corn planting season.

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